The Winemaker

Barrel Aging.

Aging is the maturing process that occurs when wine oxidizes through contact with air. Wine aged in oak barrels takes on some of the compounds in the barrel, such as vanillin and wood tannins. The presence of these compounds is dependent on many factors, including the place of origin, how the staves were cut and dried, and degree of "toast" applied during manufacture. In short, barrel aging imparts a nice oak flavour and aroma to your wine.

Three months in a barrel is equivalent to a year of aging in the bottle.

A barrel must be topped up with wine during he aging time. This wine is included in the aging charge.

You have the option of not filtering your wine if you wish. By not filtering, wine will be fuller and richer in flavour. On the other hand, your wine may become cloudy if shaken, and you must beware of sediment in the last glass in the bottle.

Cost of barrel aging

The $30 charge includes 1 month in a carboy, 3 months approximately in a barrel, for approximately 4 months total aging time. We also include a premium cork, so that you may cellar your wines longer.